Version 1.0.3 of METS Editor Released

The SobekCM METS Editor is a Windows client that can be used to create METS SIP descriptors for packages that can then be archived in a DAITSS repository. A new version of the METS Editor was released today and announced in the following email:

A new version of the SobekCM METS Editor was released today, including updating source code.

Included in this new version are the following features:

Corrected bug introduced in last version which prevented structure map from being built correctly
Corrected several issues which appeared when using the Dublin Core template and saving as MarcXML in the METS
Added new source element for the dublin core template which maps to a source note and to dc.source in the dublin core file. (Distinct from source institution/creating organization)
Added support for the 786 ( as a source note ) and 041 ( for multiple languages ) in the MarcXML
Corrected help URL so most of the elements now map correctly to their related online help
Made the MarcXML reader slightly more resilient when given invalid MarcXML to read
Code is no longer necessary when entering the source institution information in the code-statement input element

The MSI can be installed from the main SobekCM Software Distribution Center:

The source code is made available SourceForge at

I recommend updating your installed version as soon as possible.


Mark V Sullivan
Digital Services and Web Coordinator
Technology and Support Services
University of Florida Libraries
352-273-2907 (office)