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Thu, 07/19/2012 - 13:22 Updated Chapter 5: The DAITSS Archiving Process

An updated version of the DAITSS documentation Chapter 5: The DAITSS Archiving Process is now available from the Documentation section of the DAITSS website. The SIP specifications section is now consistent with the behavior of DAITSS v.2.17.19.

Fri, 05/11/2012 - 10:01 New version of SobekCM METS Editor Released (Version 1.0.4)

The University of Florida has released the following announcement about a new release of the SobekCM METS Editor that can be used to create Submission Information Packages (SIPs) compatible with DAITSS software:

A new version of the SobekCM METS Editor was just released for download and the source code will be released shortly on sourceforge.
If you are currently using a previous version of SobekCM METS Editor, be sure to UNINSTALL the previous version before installing this version.


This version includes the following changes:

· Added ability from the structure map to add file references ( i.e., URI ) to the METS. (External files)
· Added ability to recurse through subfolders within the resource folder and include files in subfolders in METS
· Added ability to import records via Z39.50 ( on 32-bit machines )
· Added ability to easily add wrapper divs in the structure map outside the resource ( commonly used for volume/issue information – used by FDA now as well )
· Updated the installer to be built by the open-source WiX Installer, rather than Visual Studio Installer

Let me know if anyone experiences any problems with this version.

Mark V Sullivan
Digital Development and Web Coordinator
Technology and Support Services
University of Florida Libraries
352-273-2907 (office)
352-682-9692 (mobile)

Tue, 02/14/2012 - 16:41 A new version of the DAITSS Virtual Machine with new "view datafiles" feature

A new version of the DAITSS demo Virtual Machine has been posted to the DAITSS website. Download DAITSS v.2.17.16 Demo Virtual Machine.

A significant enhancement is included that enables users to view a complete list of package content files from the user interface, making it easy to check/verify the contents of archived packages. This feature is available to all DAITSS users, both Operators and non-operators (non-operators of course have access to view only those materials archived in their accounts).

The Quick Start Guide has also been updated to illustrate the new feature.

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 11:51 Version 1.0.3 of METS Editor Released

The SobekCM METS Editor is a Windows client that can be used to create METS SIP descriptors for packages that can then be archived in a DAITSS repository. A new version of the METS Editor was released today and announced in the following email:

A new version of the SobekCM METS Editor was released today, including updating source code.

Included in this new version are the following features:

Corrected bug introduced in last version which prevented structure map from being built correctly
Corrected several issues which appeared when using the Dublin Core template and saving as MarcXML in the METS
Added new source element for the dublin core template which maps to a source note and to dc.source in the dublin core file. (Distinct from source institution/creating organization)
Added support for the 786 ( as a source note ) and 041 ( for multiple languages ) in the MarcXML
Corrected help URL so most of the elements now map correctly to their related online help
Made the MarcXML reader slightly more resilient when given invalid MarcXML to read
Code is no longer necessary when entering the source institution information in the code-statement input element

The MSI can be installed from the main SobekCM Software Distribution Center: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/software/mets

The source code is made available SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/metseditor/

I recommend updating your installed version as soon as possible.


Mark V Sullivan
Digital Services and Web Coordinator
Technology and Support Services
University of Florida Libraries
352-273-2907 (office)

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 14:35 Press release for DAITSS open source site

The Florida Center for Library Automation is pleased to announce that DAITSS (Dark Archive in the Sunshine State) software is available under a GPL v 3 license.

DAITSS is a digital preservation repository application developed by the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) with some support from the IMLS. DAITSS is used by the Florida Digital Archive, a long-term preservation repository service provided by FCLA for the use of the libraries of the eleven publicly-funded universities in Florida. Although DAITSS first went into production in 2005, it was recently re-architected and rewritten to improve ease of implementation and maintenance, scalability, and extensibility.

DAITSS provides automated support for the functions of Submission, Ingest, Archival Storage, Access, Withdrawal, and Repository Management. It is architected as a set of RESTful Web Services and micro-services but enforces strict controls to ensure the integrity and authenticity of archived content. It implements active preservation strategies based on format-specific processing including, where necessary, normalization and forward migration. It is particularly well suited for materials in text, document, image, audio and video formats.

DAITSS was written for a multi-user environment and supports consortial as well as institutional preservation repositories.

For more information, see http://daitss.fcla.edu. This website provides access to source code, an installation manual, and an operations manual. For those who want an easy way to experiment with DAITSS without going through the trouble of a local installation, a fully configured VM version of DAITSS can be downloaded to run in the VMWare Player. A Quick Start Guide to the VM demo provides a brief walk-through of the most commonly performed operator functions.

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