Press release for DAITSS open source site

The Florida Center for Library Automation is pleased to announce that DAITSS (Dark Archive in the Sunshine State) software is available under a GPL v 3 license.

DAITSS is a digital preservation repository application developed by the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) with some support from the IMLS. DAITSS is used by the Florida Digital Archive, a long-term preservation repository service provided by FCLA for the use of the libraries of the eleven publicly-funded universities in Florida. Although DAITSS first went into production in 2005, it was recently re-architected and rewritten to improve ease of implementation and maintenance, scalability, and extensibility.

DAITSS provides automated support for the functions of Submission, Ingest, Archival Storage, Access, Withdrawal, and Repository Management. It is architected as a set of RESTful Web Services and micro-services but enforces strict controls to ensure the integrity and authenticity of archived content. It implements active preservation strategies based on format-specific processing including, where necessary, normalization and forward migration. It is particularly well suited for materials in text, document, image, audio and video formats.

DAITSS was written for a multi-user environment and supports consortial as well as institutional preservation repositories.

For more information, see This website provides access to source code, an installation manual, and an operations manual. For those who want an easy way to experiment with DAITSS without going through the trouble of a local installation, a fully configured VM version of DAITSS can be downloaded to run in the VMWare Player. A Quick Start Guide to the VM demo provides a brief walk-through of the most commonly performed operator functions.

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