DAITSS demo virtual machine
For those who wish to evaluate a fully functional DAITSS system, A virtual machine image with a running DAITSS repository is available for download.

What is a virtual machine?
A virtual machine is an isolated "guest" operating system that can be run on top of another, "host" operating system. Wikipedia has an excellent article on virtual machines in general.

The DAITSS demo virtual machine
The DAITSS demo virtual machine is a CentOS Linux based system that includes all DAITSS software components, and a set sample packages. This virtual machine is intended to provide an easy way to evaluate DAITSS without any configuration or installation.
It is important to note that this instance of DAITSS is configured for evaluation purposes only, and is not suitable for use as a template for a production system.

Downloading and running the DAITSS demo virtual machine

To download and run the DAITSS demo virtual machine:

  1. Download and install the free VMWare Player on your workstation. (Note: if your older Windows workstation cannot install the most recent version of the VMWare Player, try version 3.1.5)
  2. Download the DAITSS demo virtual machine (links below). After the download completes, extract the virtual machine image from the zip files.
  3. Open the virtual machine image with VMWare player. It will automatically start up the virtual machine. It is a good idea to close as many other applications on the your host operating system as you can, since running a virtual machine is resource intensive.
  4. Refer to the DAITSS Demo Virtual Machine Quick Start Guide for orientation on how to get started with the DAITSS demo virtual machine.
DAITSS demo virtual machine download link

DAITSS Source code
The DAITSS source code is also available for download.
If you would rather build and configure a DAITSS demonstration system yourself, an installation manual is available for download.

Sample Packages
The sample packages included in the DAITSS demo virtual machine are available for download separately.